MOSAIC welcomes Trans Newcomers


MOSAIC welcomes Trans Newcomers

7 November, 2018 at 15:00 5575 Boundary Road, Vancouver V5R2P9

Foundation of Hope would like to spread the word that our community partner MOSAIC is looking for Transgender Newcomers to participate in upcoming focus groups under its I Belong project.

This focus group will inform the development of an online resource hub for Trans Newcomers as a new pilot project that I Belong is implementing.

Foundation of Hope is proud to be an ongoing financial contributor to MOSAIC to support the work of the I Belong project, every year since we started giving as a dedicated fund.

This represents one important use of the donor funds we collect from the generous and caring people that support us.

MOSAIC will host two focus groups:

I Belong trans focus group - Nov 7 (1)

I Belong trans focus group (1)

If you know any Trans Newcomers, please share this info and refer them to Darae Lee and Masashi Yoshida as administrators of the I Belong project.





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