A personal message from the President


It has been four years of growth, stewarded by the unwavering commitment, passion, and strong leadership of Foundation of Hope co-founder and founding President Carl Meadows.

Carl inspired me to join the cause for safe migration of LGBT+ Refugees in 2013 when we first became a private sponsorship group to bring Ahmad Danny Ramadan and Aamer Sroujieh to Canada along with their dog Phoebe.

A success story resulted from the Danny and Aamer Circle of Hope, a constituent group (CG) with Chris Morrissey and Rainbow Refugee as our co-sponsor and the United Church of Canada as our sponsorship agreement holder (SAH).

Our mission was to safely bring them to Canada from Beirut, Lebanon where they lived among other Syrian Refugees persecuted for being homosexual.

Under Carl’s leadership, five of us private sponsors went on to found the Rainbow Foundation of Hope in 2014, including Hassan Abdessamad, Patrick Rmeily, Paul Tolnai, and myself.

In the four years that would follow, we would seek to enable 19 registered charities operating across Canada to achieve successful private sponsorship for over 30 Refugees and support for 13 community projects offering support services to countless refugees and newcomers to Canada.

The total value of grants amounts to over $175,000 in awards and millions of Aeroplan miles, thanks to our partnership with TD Bank.

Through that partnership, we have also managed to set aside a $50,000 endowment fund to assist with our strategic goal of becoming financially sustainable over the long term.

We are in it for the long haul.

I am so honoured to be the last remaining founder of this organization to sit on its Board of Directors. I accept the role as President with deep humility and a renewed dedication to grow and succeed.

I sit among a truly diverse team of talented and dedicated directors, members, and volunteers who continue to strive for success.

We exist because of donors like you.

Over these past four years, Carl has been the champion of fundraising efforts while I have remained steadfast in my commitment to give where the need exists.

So as long as individuals remain in urgent crises, acutely vulnerable to violence, persecution, and death simply for wanting to live life and freely love someone else, regardless of their gender identity or sexuality, we must continue to give.

Please consider becoming a standing monthly donor today. Please, donate now.

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