TD gives $40,000 – the biggest donation by a country mile.


It is no secret that TD Bank is a huge supporter of LGBT+ Canadians, but did you know that TD is also a big time contributor to many causes that champion LGBT+ rights internationally?

You may or may not know that TD, through its Aeroplan miles donor program, has provided millions of Aeroplan miles to Foundation of Hope (FOH) over the past two years. As a major corporate partner, TD also showcased our work in the 40th annual Vancouver Pride parade this year.

We hope to offer you an understanding of how we work as a registered charity enabling other registered charities to meet their goals of a collective cause. We’re looking to recruit interested folks to take up a role in our 100% volunteer organization.

Whether as a standing monthly donor, board director, member, or talented volunteer, we welcome whatever assistance you can offer, any valuable skills, and a bit of extra time.

For two years, FOH has benefited from Aeroplan miles used to support LGBT+ community projects for our network of Newcomer service providers, provided travel and accommodations for Newcomers in need, and enabled Refugees to flee persecution on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression (SOGIE).

Over the previous fiscal year, Aeroplan miles went to our national network of civil society groups supporting travel to meet with the Government of Canada through ongoing consultations on how it can be more effective in addressing the plight of LGBT+ Asylum Seekers and Refugees worldwide.

Foundation of Hope learned the Aeroplan miles donor program will finish at the end of this fiscal year, but we’re absolutely thrilled that, in lieu of the 6 million Aeroplan miles earmarked for us to use, TD has provided a cash donation of $40,000!

This incredibly generous injection of funds will be devoted to FOH’s strategic objective for financial sustainability, as we’ve already begun to set aside $5000 a year for the past two years to meet a $100,000 endowment with the Vancouver Foundation.

The $40,000 cash donation – OUR BIGGEST EVER – will fast track this goal by 8 years and put us half way there in just two short years!

Foundation of Hope is #foreverproud of our partnership with TD Bank to champion LGBT+ rights worldwide.

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